Case Study: Full-Depth Reclamation

County Roads 200S and 900E
Town of Plainfield, IN

Like many municipalities in the Midwest, the Town of Plainfield, Indiana faces the challenge of roadway deterioration due not only to heavy traffic patterns, but also seasonal freeze/thaw cycles. As a result, existing pavement will oftentimes experience cracking and failing because of poor sub-grade conditions and distressed asphalt/chip seal.

In June 2011, Specialties Company treated 14,000 square yards of county roads with 8% Portland cement to a depth of 14 inches. We pre-pulverized the existing roadways to a depth of 14” to achieve particle sizing with a minimum 100% passing a two-inch sieve. The pulverized material was graded and rolled to achieve a 2% slope from the centerline, while 8% dry Portland cement (104 lbs/syd) was spread and blended to a depth of 14 inches. The cement was then compacted with a pad foot roller, fine graded to achieve a 2% slope from the centerline and smooth drum rolled to create a surface suitable for asphalt paving. Finally, we laid a two-inch layer of asphalt on top of the reclaimed and stabilized roadway material.

Specialties completed the entire process, including paving, in 10 days, thus providing our customer with a newly constructed roadway built with limited disruption to the traveling public. Through our solution, we offered a saving of new construction material and delivered a cost-effective alternative to the municipality when compared with complete roadway removal and reconstruction.