Concrete Breaking/Rubblization

Chances are you’ll hear Thumper before you see him.

Thumper is Specialties’ concrete pavement breaking mascot. We can deploy our concrete breaking and rubblization technology and expertise anywhere in the world to thump apart and remove pavement.

Breaking for Removal:

We support customers’ needs by providing guillotine concrete breaker equipment in various sizes suited to their job requirements. For fast track projects requiring jack rabbit speed, we offer multiple thumping hammers that expedite the breaking and removal process.

  • We custom manufacture the breakers in-house for exclusive use by our expert teams
  • Single-hammer breakers range in size from 12,000 to 16,000 pounds
  • Breakers fold for easy transport throughout North America


Rubblization is a construction alternative for concrete roads that require asphalt overlay, but whose condition is not adequate to provide a good sub-base. At a fraction of the cost of full-depth removal and reconstruction, the rubblization process transforms deteriorating concrete roads into aggregate suitable for paving. It also helps prevent the joint cracking and alligator cracking inevitable with other overlay methods.

  • Custom designed and manufactured in-house, Specialties’ rubblization units are designed with 12-14, foot-wide hammers that weigh 1,200 pounds each
  • Each hammer can be operated independently to provide a custom full-depth breaking pattern
  • Crew members can adjust the hammers for various concrete depths, reinforcements, ages and materials that allow them to complete full-depth rubblization of an entire roadway or highway lane in a single pass
  • We roll rubblized areas with a modified vibratory roller to seat the broken concrete into any voids and resize the top portion of the new base

Crack and Seat:

During the crack and seat process, Specialties cracks concrete pavement into smaller-than-joint length pieces and rolls the area to seat the pavement against the subgrade in order to enhance asphalt overlays.

  • Our crews utilize a guillotine-style hammer for the crack and seat process
  • Depending on the existing concrete’s condition, we can provide different hammer sizes
  • Specialties has the necessary equipment to roll and seat broken pavement before asphalt resurfacing