Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization (drying and modification) using lime, lime kiln dust, cement or fly ash can provide your construction site with the platform you need to continue working in a variety of weather conditions.

Available nationwide, Specialties’ soil stabilization solutions improve the strength of the subgrade, modify the soil properties and dry the soil to support compaction. Stabilization can also help you pass compaction tests and proof rolls when working with non-cohesive soil conditions.

  • Specialties’ custom-built spreader trucks provide accurate application rates while minimizing dust problems
  • We deliver the lime, lime kiln dust, cement and fly ash to jobsites using pneumatic trucks that pump the materials into our specially designed spreaders
  • Bags atop the spreader trucks allow air to escape while containing the material
  • Material is spread at the proper application rate based on the type of material used, soil type and soil conditions
  • We add water to the material and soil to begin the chemical reaction that results in a dry, stable base
  • Roto-tillers provide a thorough and uniform mixture of the soils and stabilizing material at depths of up to 20 inches
  • After the soil and material have been thoroughly mixed and brought to optimum moisture content, we compact and grade the soil so that it provides a suitable sub-base for pavement construction or a stable working platform to keep your job progressing regardless of weather conditions